4 What makes a brand great?

What makes a brand great?

There are numerous arguments regarding what makes a brand successful. There is a clear psychology behind branding, with experts referring to a brand as a 'perception.' Many people are under the impression that a brand refers to a logo, a colour scheme and a product, however, there is evidence to suggest that brands are successful when they build the desired perception in people's minds.

There is no rule book around creating a successful brand, but there are clear factors that influence its prosperity.

A Great Product

There is little point spending the time and effort to grow your brand if the product or service linked to it is of a poor quality. Having a unique and top quality product/service will help to build positivity around your brand and will make you more memorable.

Audience Knowledge

The more you know about your target market, the better. If you know the core demographic of your audience and their interests, it will be easier for you to target them for brand exposure.

Be Unique

Your brand needs to be unique. If your brand is the same or even similar to other brands, people will not remember you above others.


Your brand assets, such as your logo or your colour scheme must always be consistent, so as not to dilute your brand. Whether your logo is on a website, a blog post, social media or even a branded products, it must always be consistent.


The more encounters individuals have with your brand, the more memorable you will be. A good way to increase your brand exposure is through marketing and advertising. This can include anything from online advertising to hard copy advertising via hand-outs or branded products.

If you consider these factors when launching your brand, or rebranding your business, the likelihood of its success massively increases.